Happy Funkin’ New Year 2024

Happy Funkin’ New Year True Funk Soldiers,Funk lovin’ Ladies, Funk Nerds and everyone else in between. Thanks for joining us here in the Funkisphere. It’s been our prevledge in providing you information about  the music genre known as “Funk” for over a decade.

We are the first and longest running Podcast and Blog about the genre and have had lifelong and personal experience about it. We’ve had the honor of interviewing Artists, talking and proving reviews that provide literally an archive of the genre on a yearly basis.

And there are still more things to come

We have the features that you have come to know us by like book reviews (The Funky Book Corner) Our last Funky Five, a Movie review when appropriate, Bob Davis  of Soul-Patrol.com, The Roundtable and special features (episodes) that will last through the ages.

Thanks your your support and tell others about the show to help us continue our growth.

Remember Funk in still Fun with a “K” on it

Funkin’ you forward and keepin’ you on the “One”

Yours in Funk,

John Ellison III